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So this post is about something known as fractal art.Its a great art form and the best thing about it is you don;t need to have natural drawing skills or amazing drawing knowledge. All you need is a boundless imagination!!

What is Fractal Art?

Fractal art is a form of algorithmic art created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images, animations, and media

Got it? You did!? Wow that’s Awesome! Cause I know I didn’t.. So let me try to explain it in a way i understand

Fractals are basically rough or fragmented geometric shapes that can be divided into parts and each part is a reduced copy of the whole.Some natural occurrences of fractals are clouds, the branches of tress and so on and so forth

Fractals are not painted or drawn. They are usually created with the help of  software specifically for fractal art but they can also be made with softwares like photoshop. The fractal art software create these fractals by the solving of certain equations… but that’s just boring theory. We have no need to learn all that.But if you are finding this topic to be really interesting and want to read much more then here is a link for you


So like i said before Fractal art does not require you to have the skills of a master designer.Just go crazy the possibilities are endless so why not make your own fractal art RIGHT NOW!!

The link to weave silk is in the last sentence of this post.There are many more softwares bigger and better than weave silk and all you have to do is a google search and you will find them!

So guys I wish you all the best with your fractal art experiments!

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Something I made with in under ten minutes


Manga Making – Conceptualization

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This is my first post and its about the most important part of making a manga – Conceptualization

Pretty big word, huh? Let’s see what it means. No don’t worry I’m not gonna act like an oxford dictionary and tell u a sentence filled with gigantic words. No, I’ll try to tell it in the most easiest way possible

What is Conceptualization?

Basically its the imagining of an idea and then bringing it to life. Every Manga is based on a concept and the success of the manga depends mainly on its concept( At least that is what I believe )

Lets take a look at some famous mangas

BleachIn this manga the story revolves around a boy who is able to see ghosts but doesn’t make a big deal out it. Then he suddenly meets a Soul Reaper and he is exposed to a new world


Death Note :  In this manga the story revolves around a book carried around by a Soul Reaper called a Death Note. If a person’s name is written in the book then that person would die according to the information provided by the writer of the book

I don’t want you to get bored so quickly so for the time being I’m just providing you with 2 examples. The reason why i picked these two is because they both have soul reapers in them.. so they have a common concept but they are two entirely different mangas. In fact they are so different that you could never relate the two

Which brings me to the next point. Its not enough just to get a good concept. That’s just the starting point. What will separate your manga from another one with the same concept is the way you choose to portray it
To get a clearer view of what I am saying try reading the initial few chapters of bleach and death note and see the difference for yourself!!

So now for a recap

1. Create your own concept or choose an existing concept(example : Superhuman,Warewolf….)
2.Design a basic structure for the concept that sets it apart from existing stories( example: If  you choose warewolves then make something that is entirely different from Teen Wolf)

Hints :

    Can’t get any new ways of portraying the concept?  Just do a google search on your concept and do a little research so that u see the concept from all possible angles!

Thanks for Reading!! Please do comment and give me suggestions